Wagner fine arts and fairy tales

   “Wagner Fine Arts and Stories" is a story unfolding on porcelain in the last seven years. Why is Fine Arts and Stories our creed? Because any life fragment, as ephemeral as it may be, is a story in the making. Fascinating stories are everywhere, all around us. They are not just meant for writers to put them on paper, in novels or short stories, or for film makers who give them life by placing them on celluloid. Ana Wagner has discovered that small stories can be told on porcelain too. This is the starting point for “Wagner Fine Arts and Stories’. 

    Stage designer Iuliana Vilsan, a good friend of Ana, caught the essence: People need stories, every object hand signed by Ana Wagner carries the energy of a story which represents life itself and it is only through conventional rules that people call a certain object in a way or another. 

   Ana Wagner started to tell her stories through porcelain. Stories of “artistocats” and stray cats, suspended gardens, princesses living in exquisite palaces. It was her romantic period, the beginning. 

    At the end of 2005 the Wagner sisters opened a small store on Carol Boulevard.  It shortly became a meeting place for Bucharest’s hand painted porcelain collectors and for everyone wishing to offer handmade porcelain gifts signed of handmade porcelain signed by Wagner.

    The main event of each year is the launch of next year’s collections. The event is carefully planned based on Ana’s concept, together with all the artists involved in creating in the workshop. The yearly launching of the new Wagner collections represents an important cultural event, one that brings together clients and partners alike, people of Bucharest who love beautiful things.

    In all these years, Wagner house has tried to diversify its products but still maintaining its unique style that made its art famous. The porcelain remained the core material on which Wagner artists are working, associated now with other materials, while new lines of Wagner products have been created.

    A line of painted furniture has been manufactured, at the same time silk being used with prints from the graphics signed by Ana Wagner.  The porcelain lamps have been diversified with a new concept, launched by Ana, called Photophore.

   The great novelty of 2012 is represented by the handmade jewelry created by Ana Wagner. For 2013, the studio continues to focus on the production of luxury jewelry that will combine carefully painted porcelain, silver and gold with precious gemstones, including delicate earrings and imposing necklaces, rings, spectacular bracelets and refined cufflinks.

   “Wagner Fine Arts and Stories” can also make special, personalized orders on the clients’ wishes, based on the range of our products. We recommend that in the case of personalized orders, the client’s order to be placed minimum two weeks prior delivery time. Orders can be taken online, by email or phone.

    We hope and wait for you to enter the small Universe of “Wagner Fine Arts and Stories”.  You can do this either directly by visiting us in Dr. Staicovici Street no. 19, accessing our website, or contacting us via email or phone. Here, you will always find an oasis of beauty and storytelling.