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Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

“Les Beaux Messieurs”

It is a retro collection that blends humour and good disposition with miniaturism, precision and the attention to detail for which the Wagner Arts atelier is known.

The imaging message of this collection is that all generations have their avant-gardes, their so-called hipsters. The nonconformity portrayed by the young rebels who either shock or stir the amazement of contemporaries, can become classic, tradition even, in other historical periods. What is left in our day-to-day universe today as a result of the avant-gardism from past times has to do with the good taste and savoir de vivre whilst reinventing the useful and the beautiful. These are qualities that the young bon-viveurs of the Belle Epoque generation- the heroes of the collection presented by the Wagner Arte atelier- had a great deal of.

The “Les Beaux Messieurs” collection contains male jewellery (cufflinks and porcelain and silver pins with gold and platinum accents) which can also be worn by the ladies, as well as art de la table porcelain pieces for serving tea and coffee.