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Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

This collection was born from a series of graphics and painting pieces that I have transferred from wood to cloth, then on porcelain “art de la table”, and on jewelry pieces. Travelling is a major source of inspiration for me. While travelling I learned to discover and cherish my roots, my origins, my traditions. It is as if from a distance you have a clearer view of what is next to you, yet you weren’t paying attention to it. The journey offers me the full feeling of freedom, the chance to come closer to the truth, to what is authentic and as close as possible to the essence.

Any journey connects me to the act of beauty much easier and serves as a source of inspiration which later finds its place in my works. In a deeper sense, the journey represents life itself. The road I have chosen is created from love, is born under the sign of love and leads to love eventually. The journey is only a metaphorical depiction of the road that leads to absolute love. From here stems the motto of this collection, which graphically accompanies the work: Life is a Beautiful Journey to the Realm of Love.

The pieces of the collection showcase two sides of the idea of travelling. On one hand, the pieces made from hand-painted porcelain symbolize a travel journal, with fragments of landscape and architecture depicting the places that found a home in my heart. On the other hand, the metal parts of the jewelry, the silver circle that comes as a leitmotiv – mean Travelling as a metaphor of life, the road to love.