Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

Wagner Arte presents the new collection "The Journey. The Childhood" by Ana Wagner.
It is the most spectacular and brilliant collection of jewellery in Ana's already established portfolio. The idea behind this collection and its message are at least as precious as the stones, painted porcelain and the metals from which the pieces of jewellery are made: The Journey through Childhood for rediscovering the pure Love. Every piece of jewellery in this collection is a journey in itself to the sense of primordial love we fed into our childhood, a road marked by symbols that the artist described in a sui-generis map.

The five symbols drawn and explained by annotations by Ana - The Circle, the House, the Sphere, the Faceted and Colored Stone, the Heart - are found transposed and mounted in each piece of jewellery of the collection. Everyone tells her part of the story of childhood found, as Ana Wagner confessed that she dreamed her dream, and, behold, she made it: "It makes me feel good every time I revisit my childhood. I often go back to the source of love in its purest form and from there draw my inspiration. The most powerful memory we go through with life is the love with which children have fed and protected our parents and our grandparents. Life itself is a journey to the realm of love, from the first day we see the light of day begins this wonderful adventure of life that is born out of Love and it is heading to Love through Love. What is the world in which we live without this divine sentiment? What would become of the child who has never felt love, his primordial food?"

The collection "The Journey. The Childhood" contains in its first formula 25 pieces (necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets, rings) all handmade in handmade painting technique. The brave and unprecedented assembly of precious stones with porcelain and metal, splendid and vivid colors are the design card of this collection.