Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

  Wagner Arts launched its first collection of porcelain jewelry in the summer of 2009. Ana Wagner stepped into the domain of handmade jewelry, having on her side the advantages of crafting a very little used material at that time: porcelain. Pendants, rings and bracelets were appreciated for the refined miniature design and the delicacy of porcelain.  

  Three years later in 2012, Wagner Creation House stepped into a new universe, the one defined by handmade luxury jewelry. The novelty stems from the combination of porcelain, silver, gold and semiprecious stones which resulted in the creation of some sophisticated items of jewelry (sumptuous necklaces, spectacular earrings, bracelets and rings enclosed in silver or gold, and an absolute novelty – men’s cufflinks).

  The miniature porcelain paintings gain a new posture, crowned with silver, gold and with the radiant brilliance of the precious stones like sapphire, emerald, rubies, semiprecious like citrine or opal stones, they become precious possessions, real miracles and true jewels. They embrace the idea of “wearable art” initiated by the great painter Andre Derain, who considered his unique jewelry collection as “portable sculptures”.

  The Wagner Arts jeweler offers a new vision to the world of luxury jeweler with a unique design and high quality finishing of the creations, by combining porcelain with gold, silver and semiprecious stones and looking after all the tiny details of high class crafted jewelry.