Portelan pictat
Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

   "Wagner Fine Arts and Stories” trademark became famous on the manufacturers market by creating hand painted porcelain, tea and coffee sets, table sets, jewelry, decorating items and lighting pieces. 

    The objects are decorated in the classical technique of painting over glazed. The porcelain décor has pigments which are burned at 850 degrees Celsius. They are ennobled by decorating them with precious metals – gold and platinum.  The drawings are a combination between Ana Wagner’s unique creations and a team effort of all the other artists painting at the workshop from Cotroceni. Blank porcelain replaces the artists’ blank canvas or paper. Ana is conceiving the decoration of porcelain objects in a manner which transgresses the classical patterns, although she employs traditional techniques of porcelain painting, as in Sevres or Meissen.

    Wagner’s porcelain objects are hand signed by each artist with the his or her initials and the year of painting. Likewise, each porcelain object is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity originally hand signed by Ana Wagner.

   Wagner manufacture owns also the well known technique of decorating porcelain, called decalcomania. This technique allows the imprint of a bigger series of porcelain objects with porcelain pigment burned at very high temperatures. Thank to this technique, the small manufacture can honor special orders from bigger companies or corporations that order hundreds porcelain objects personalized or trademarked.

   Wagner creation studio caters for a varied series of requests: special personalization, creating monograms and applying those on porcelain objects, models based on every client’s wish.

    The porcelain signed by Wagner is luxury porcelain and art in its purest form and can be transmitted from one generation to another. Purchasing them is an excellent gift idea for Christmas, weddings, anniversaries and other happy moments for you, your family or friends.