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Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

   The Creation workshop Wagner arts is hosting a series of courses on porcelain, typically on weekends.

   The painting courses are aimed at parents and their children.

   The professors who organize and teach the courses are: Bogdan Teodorescu and Ana Wagner – artists from the Wagner’s creation workshop.

   The organizers are offering all the necessary materials. The porcelain objects painted by each participant will undergo a technological process of color fixing by heat, treating them in a special oven at (850 degrees C), and their painters can keep them as mementos.   Periodically, the participants in the painting classes have the chance to take part not only in porcelain painting but also on debates on art history, astrology or psychology preceded by debates conducted by various specialists.

   The porcelain painting courses are a form of creative relaxation or an opportunity to create gifts for someone special under the careful eyes of the showroom’s artists.