Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

  Wagner showroom also hosts artworks signed by Ana Wagner (graphics, paintings, engravings, collage and mixed technique/media). Some of these works have been transferred on the porcelain collections. Ana’s favorite themes, such as fantastic landscapes or luxurious vegetation, are an important part of collections of porcelain objects, bearing names like: “Fantastic black and white landscape” and “Garlands in my garden”.

  The graphic works and paintings of the artist have also been used in interior design projects (tapestry, terra cotta plaques or partitions) or as book illustration.

  Periodically, the showroom turns into a small art gallery where creations signed by collaborating artists and friends of Wagner Arte are exhibited. Throughout the recent years many artists have exhibited their art here, such as Iuliana Valsan (painting), Ovidiu Cosac (photography), Bogdan Teodorescu (graphics and painting), Silvia Olteanu (graphics and painting).