Ana Wagner
Ana Wagner
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Wagner arte frumoase si povesti

   Graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest, Ana Wagner is one of the plastic artists from Romania, who in the last few years has left an indelible mark on the painted porcelain art in her country.  

    Ana Wagner, along with her sister Irina, is the founder and co-owner of the workshop and gallery “Wagner Fine Arts and Stories’.

    Ana Wagner is the chief designer of Wagner House creations which are manufactured by her and a team of collaborating, talented artists employed by the studio.

    Ana loves fantasy blended with rigorousness and it becomes clearly visible in all the end products displayed in her workshop. Ana believes that Creation doesn’t mean either chaos, or a bohemian style of looking at life, but on the contrary, it involves discipline, order and professionalism.  Similarly, rigor without a touch of fantasy and a wave of talent is pure mediocrity and banality.

    ”Wagner Fine Arts and Stories” trademark has found its secure place on the scene of Romanian manufacturers through stories told on classical porcelain aided by classical techniques of handmade painting. Mixing handmade techniques with a unique precision – always highly refined – and topping it with fantasy inspired by Ana’s carefully selected subjects are all part of Wagner trademark.

   Ana loves the discreet twinkling of the object well done, well manufactured, according to all the rules of the ancient master craftsmen.

   Ana Wagner has a goal in life: Wagner studio has taken and will always take the hard way of deciphering the hidden secrets of the craftsman art of turning raw porcelain into objects that make our world a more beautiful place.

   Ana likes the humility of the skilled craftsman and is very happy when she hears that “Wagner fine arts and stories” is a small victory of  beauty in a world much too often haunted by bad taste and ugliness.